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Dog Training Equipment: The Importance of Crate Training

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The importance of dog training from your dog training equipment providers. Lots of people assume that it is cruel to lock a dog up in a crate, but that is simply untrue. Think about where your dog likes to relax and sleep. They like to curl up in small, confined spaces, like under the bed, hidden in the corner or maybe even under the covers. Dogs are den animals, even wolves and wild dogs have been known to burrow in holes when they sleep. At SitStay, we proudly offer a wide variety of dog training equipment, including high quality dog crates. 

Crates can actually provide a solution for anxiety and nervousness, and they can even help you to house train your dog, but it is important to use them correctly. That is why we have come up with this guide to crate training your dog:

  • Size- The key is to find a crate that is large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and stretch out comfortably in, but not so large that your dog feels that he or she can relieve themselves in it. If you are crate training a puppy, you can purchase a divider that you can adjust as your puppy grows.
  • Location- Where you place your crate is very important. You don't want your dog to feel like their crate is a punishment, which is why you should place it in a busy room of your home, like your living room or kitchen. 
  • Bedding- Putting a dog bed in the crate will help to train your dog how to control their bowels. That is because dogs will avoid relieving themselves where they sleep. It can also help your dog to stay comfortable!