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Dog Training Equipment for Walks

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Going on a walk with your dog is one of the best things about being a pet owner, but when your dog isn't properly trained, it can make going for a walk incredibly frustrating. In one of our previous dog training equipment blogs, we talked about how to train your dog to heal, but this can take a lot of time and patience that you may not have. While you are working hard to train your dog, you can make your life a lot easier by walking your dog with the Easy Walk Harness

The Easy Walk Harness is one of your best tools for an easy and pleasant walking experience. It gently leads your dog along, while discouraging them from pulling. This isn't like a choke collar; this harness won't hurt your dog or cause them to choke, cough or gag. This harness discourages pulling, because the leash attachment is located in the front, so that when your dog tries to pull, they will simply be turned around and guided back to you. This incredible harness is super easy to slip on and off because it comes equipped with three easy to snap buckles, one on each shoulder strap and one on the belly strap. To make sure that you find the right size for your dog, watch this video

If taking your dog on a walk is no longer enjoyable because they are constantly pulling, then it is time for you to turn to SitStay. The Easy Walk Harness is just one of the many wonderful products that we have available to make walking easier. Don't wait, shop with us today!