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Dog Chew Toys for Every Pup

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Dogs of all ages love to chew on toys, but it is important to find the right one for your dog. Some dogs absolutely love to gnaw on a cherished Kong, while other dogs prefer to rip the stuffing out of a treasured stuffed animal. Whatever type of dog chew toys your dog prefers, we have them all and more here at SitStay. We are your main source for anything and everything that your furry friend may need or want. 

Dog chew toys are more than just about entertainment, they can help to keep your favorite companion happy and healthy. That is exactly why it is a great idea to find out which kind of toy your dog likes best. If your dog is a new addition to your household then we suggest finding a good mix of chew toys, at least initially. That will help you determine which toys your dog will enjoy so you know what to purchase in the future. If you only have the budget for one or two toys, a good option is the Kong Wubba. This toy is great for playing tug of war, fetch or even just chewing. It is covered in super-durable nylon, so that endless fun can be had. 

Finding the right dog chew toy will keep your dog healthy and happy, as well as distract your dog from chewing on your shoes or furniture. Ensure that your pup is satisfied by finding the toy that he or she will love. At SitStay we offer a wide variety of high quality products for the dog in your life. Enjoy great deals and free shipping on every order of $75 or more when you shop with us today.