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Change the World With Service Dog Patches

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April 27th is National Pet Parents' Day, and in honor of that special day, New York Jets' wide receiver Eric Decker has been working with Veterinary Pet Insurance to change the world, one service dog at a time. They have been raising money to rescue, care for, and train service dogs for veterans who are returning from the war with disabilities. The average cost to take a dog from a shelter and provide them with the necessary training is around $25,000; Deckers Dogs has made it possible for more and more veterans to get the support that they need.

Service dogs can do so many things for veterans, physically and emotionally. They can help make the transition to using a prosthesis much easier, they can turn on and off lights, and they can even provide emotional support for veterans with PTSD. These are just a few of the many things that service dogs can do for our veterans, but in reality nothing can quite compare to the support that provide us. 

At SitStay we are dedicated to showing support for the service dogs that serve our veterans every single day. We do that by teaming up with many organizations throughout our country and by providing high quality, cost effective service dog patches and vests. You can choose from a variety of vests and patches, but each one is made with the same high level of durability and comfort. Enjoy great deals and free shipping on every order of $75 or more when you shop our site today.