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Service Dog Patches Let Others Know to Avoid Petting Your Dog


Service Dog PatchesIf you have had your service dog for any length of time, then you have probably already had the experience of others intrusively petting your dog or asking to pet your dog. Dogs are a big part of our society, and they have the reputation for being "man's best friend". So it is no wonder why so many people think that is it okay to pet your service dog. If you are looking for a great way to keep your dog from being distracted by the friendliness of strangers, then you should look into getting one of our service dog patches.

A service dog vest is a great way to let others know that your dog is working, but it doesn't do much more than that. A service dog patch however, can give more specific information to those around you. For instance, if you are looking to let others know that they shouldn't pet your service dog, then the Please Don't Pet Me Patch is a great option for you. With this patch on your dog's vest, you won't have to worry about anyone distracting your dog or asking you if they can pet your dog. You will be able to go about your business without any interference. 

Any service dog owner knows how annoying and frustrating that it can be for people around you to assume that they can pet your dog, or people constantly asking to pet your dog. This could distract your dog from doing their work, and it could even lead to a dangerous situation for you. Order your patch with us today. 

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Service Dog Patches for Every Situation

Service dog patches have the ability to distinguish a service dog from a regular pet. They can inform others that they shouldn't pet your service dog; they can alert others that your service dog is there for seizures; they can even tell others that your service dog is still in training. There really is no [...]

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Change the World With Service Dog Patches

April 27th is National Pet Parents' Day, and in honor of that special day, New York Jets' wide receiver Eric Decker has been working with Veterinary Pet Insurance to change the world, one service dog at a time. They have been raising money to rescue, care for, and train service dogs for veterans who are [...]

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