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Adopted Game: ​Help Local Developer Make a Game Where You Play As Dog

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Help Local Developer Make a Game Where You Play As Dog

We don’t normally cover video games on the blog, but this time, we thought we’d make an exception. If you love dogs, computer games, or just wacky ways to use technology, Lincoln-based game developer Clockwork Demon is raising money to help support Adopted, a 3D, single-player exploration game where you play as Luchador, a recently rescued Boston Terrier. 

Players will sniff to discover important clues and then bark, chew, and fetch to manipulate their humans to make smart choices, or not. The game takes place on an eventful night in the lives of your three owners, Marisa, Wyatt, and Laurel, where the decisions they make may change their lives with each other forever.

The team behind the game, Lincoln-based developer Clockwork Demon, was inspired to make Adopted after one of the three co-founders, Caleb Moore, lost his beloved Boston Jackson after returning home from his honeymoon. The game is in large part both a tribute to Jackson and an emotional exploration through the not-so-secret impact dogs can have on human relationships and the unconditional love they show us every day. The team has even built in Oculus Rift compatibility with the project, so you can already play as a dog in full virtual reality!

Clockwork Demon is in the middle of transitioning their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign over to their own site, and would love your support. You can donate to the project at or learn more at

If you’d like to play a very early vertical slice prototype of Adopted, it can be found here for Windows and Mac.

Please help Adopted become a reality!

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