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Top 10 Adorable Star Wars Dog Costumes...Number 2 Cracks Me Up

Posted by Sit Stay Staff on

Well it's that time of year again. Halloween!!

That means carving pumpkins, eating more candy than I can hand out and of course...deciding what our pup is going to be. Maybe we're a product of growing up in the 80's or just still a nerd at heart but I can't get enough of the Star Wars dogs. When you're done freaking out over the pure cuteness that is Star Wars Dogs, be sure to check out our Fall and Pumpkin dog products

Here are our top 10 Star Wars Dogs:

10. Lil Han Solo and His Sidekick Chewy

While lower points for creativity in the dog costume department, this scored near the top for just plain cuteness.

9. Bulldog Jedi

Proof you don't need to spend a boatload of money on a costume, this simple bath towel transforms a lovable bulldog into a fierce Jedi knight. Or an thoughtful Jedi. And an eager Jedi and mysterious Jedi and casual Jedi. 


8. The Ewoks are Here

Ok, call me crazy but I'm a sucker for all things Ewoks. Toss in dog Ewoks and my heart melts faster than a light saber to ice. 

7. Princess Leia is Here and Looking Fabulous 

Who knew that buns on a collie would be this cute. Help us Obi-wan Kenobi, you're our only hope!


6. Join Me To The Dark Side

Unfortunately not every pooch uses their powers for good. I can picture this Darth Vador using the force to levitate treats over to himself. 

5. The Empire is Striking Back, Or At Least Going For A Walk

Man all battle stations, the AT-AT Walker is here and the rebels could be in some serious trouble.

4. Wicket of Endor to the Rescue

Wicket is here to protect the chew toys. I mean protect the Princess, yeah the Princess.  

3. Yoda Pug...Cute He Is

Wise Yoda has arrived in our countdown to bestow his wisdom and help show us the way of the force. Or at least show us the way to the treats. 

2. Chewies

Ok, he's my personal favorite but I was outvoted. Can anyone honestly tell me if he looks more like the doll or if the doll looks more like him? 


1. Obi Wan Ken-Corgi

I mean...Come. On. A corgi in an Obi Wan costume. It's not even fair. 


So those are our 10 favorite Star Wars Dog Costumes. But we want to know which one made your top of the list?? Be sure to check out all of our Fall and Pumpkin dog products.    sign up for our email list for 10% and free shipping offers.

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