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How to Get the Best Fit for Your Service Dog Vest

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Every service dog owner knows that anytime that you leave the house, your dog should have a service dog vest on. This vest prevents people from asking awkward questions, and it helps others to understand that they shouldn't pet your dog while they are hard at work. Because it is so important that your dog wears its service dog vest all of the time, that vest needs to fit perfectly. That is why SitStay has come up with this guide on how to get the best fit for your service dog vest:

  • Grab a cloth measuring tape.
  • Measure your dog's girth. You will need to measure all the way about your dog's center in a circle, keep in mind that you will want to start right behind your dog's legs.
  • For a more in-depth look at how to properly measure your dog for their new vest please check our our helpful video

Now that you have measured your dog, you can pick the best size:

  • Tiny- 13-16 inches
  • Extra Small- 16-23 inches
  • Small- 23-29 inches
  • Medium- 29-35 inches
  • Large- 35-39 inches
  • Extra Large- 39-45 inches

Your dog needs to be comfortable in order to do their job to the best of their ability! The best way to ensure that your dog is comfortable is by getting the very best size of service dog vest. You will be glad to know that your dog is wearing only the highest quality vest that fits them to perfection. Our vests come in a wide variety of colors, and you have the ability to completely customize yours with one of our service dog patches. Don't wait, ensure that your dog is in the right hands by shopping with SitStay today!

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